Overcoming blockages

Based on Dragon Dreaming philosophy

“Realise that a project means people interacting with each other, and that the success of the project depends significantly on this interaction.”   ~ John Croft

JUNE 23. – 27.2018

Sunny Hills of Istria, Topolovec 29, 6272 Gračišče, Slovenia


We, as human beings, are part of a complex system that influences the environment and is influenced in turn by that same enviroment. These mutual interactions can create personal everyday blockages for the individual and also serious long term blockages in the projects of which the individual is a part. We need to consider that all projects are created and developed by people, and so the project does not exist in, for, or by, itself. So as a result, all processes in projects can suffer interference by the individual characteristics of human beings who are engaged. Considering this reality, we need to look first to the person who is in action and consider what is the source of this action.

Becasue this human perspective influences the process, the projects will never go according to plan.  It is then that the blockages and obstacles abound. The challenge is usually in the confronting the individual human processes which normally are related with projections and personal history that interfere in the dynamics of the project team. How successful a project eventually is depends on the awareness and attention levels of the people interacting with each other – in attention to oneself, to the team and to the environment.

The Dragon Dreaming stages demonstrate that the in the “dreaming stage” the blockage is one where “we don’t see what emerges”. As a result we don’t gather all the necessary information and we tend to hide, or block out, important dimensions of ourselves and the environment that supports both our personal development and the nature of the project.  

In the “planning stage” the blockage is that out of fear or vulnerability often “we don’t say what we think”. As a result, the information that is necessary for the project  that was gathered can then no longer be transformed into the multiple-perspectives and understanding necessary to meet the challenges of the project. Alternative ways to realise the project remain inaccessible.

In the “doing stage” the blockage here is that “we don’t do what we say”. This means that the committment of each person is compromised.  The key to coherent actions, whether in our individual life or in the projects we do, thus just do not occur. One does not recognise how mutually dependent all the project players are upon each other in the way their behaviours interact. It is by putting our understanding into practice that it becomes true knowledge.

In the “celebrating stage”, the blockage occurs as a result of the fact that “we don’t recognize what we have done”. This means the capacity for self recognition about what is good and what could be improved is absent. When there is a lack of such reflection and observation, knowledge cannot be transformed into wisdom.

Overcoming these and the other blockages that emerge, needs deep personal perception in order to be authentic with oneself and with others, and in order to do what needs to be done.  It needs a leader who can pay continuous conscious attention in this way, who can demonstrate awareness and who has achieved such a deeper way of listening themselves.

Agility and flexibility are needed to deal with these challenges.

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • The workshop will help you recognise the personal blockages that interfere in the goals of your personal life and diagnose the different blockages in the project process stages, helping you recognise their symptoms.
  • You will learn of your personal blockages in life and in projects and their effects on your physique, your health and your body.  It is through embodiment you will achieve awareness, for both bodily and emotional states, and you will learn to use the wisdom of your own body.
  • You will learn to recognise the sources of blockages at different levels and in different contexts.  They will come to understand how a win-lose culture produces blockages as a result of fear and distrust and how this automatically produces lose-lose outcomes in our culture.
  • You will find ways to transcend the conflicts generated in blockages and use this energy creatively in yourselves, between yourselves and the group, and within groups to support the emergence of a true win-win-win culture.
  • You will learn to “see” in different ways:  through the imaginative power of the mind, through the body.

This will occur through insight and the power of intuition, through embodiment, by using a systemic perspective, through family constellation work, gestalt therapy and in a deep connection with nature, integrating practical sessions with theoretical imput. All will be applied in this workshop to help each participant develop a new perspective to overcome obstacles and blockages found in their life and in their projects.

In Overcoming Blockages participants will discover a direct, personal and body-related form of diagnostics for projects. This includes identifying blockages at an early stage and discovering successful ways to transform these.

Some experience in Dragon Dreaming is useful but it is not absolutely necessary. We have had good experience with participants whose first ever contact with the Dragon Dreaming philosophy was in an Overcoming Blockages workshop.

The workshop is perfect for you and you can really learn a lot if you:

  • are involved in projects as a project leader, project manager, customer/client, executive leader, consultant or coach (agile or classic).
  • are curious to learn how to look at the world differently and want to try something new.
  • want to increase how effective you are in projects.
  • don’t want to see blockages in projects as destructive limitations and something that demands to be greater inspiration for change.
  • want to achieve a deeper understanding of a win-win-win culture.
  • want to learn and discover with using your whole body.
  • want to discover something in a group situation with experienced peers.

The trainer team

Lizandra Barbutolizandra

Occupational therapist and specialist in Human Development, in Neuroscience and Behaviour and in Integral Sustainability. Liz Barbuto has been trained in the Integrative Therapy School SAT and has been practicing spontaneous movement and theatre for 12 years. Trained in Gestalt Therapy, she supports individuals and groups in the Dragon Dreaming method and the Guide Way of Nature. She has worked in various cultures all over the world: Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Liz is a co-founder of the “Possibilities Institute” and supports human development processes to achieve collective wisdom through conceptual learning, nature and participatory methods.

John Croftjohn

Australian born international trainer and consultant, and a co-founder of the Gaia Foundation of Western Australia, John Croft has been a university lecturer, government consultant in community building and regional development and environmental sustainability. He is the creator of Dragon Dreaming which, during the last 20 years, has spread through workshops to more than 8,500 projects in 52 countries all over the world. He is also a co-founder of the “Possibilities Institute”.

John and Liz have been working together since 2012.

CONTRIBUTION: € 290 – € 390 According to your income  and accomodation

Please consider your contribution on the principles of sharing economy: those who can afford to pay full price will cover part of the expenses for those who can’t.

Contribution covers the cost of the trainers, accomodation, vegetarian meals, cofee breaks and organisation.