Sunny Hill has specialized in organizing events and workshops for sustainable initiatives. For these occasions we partner with Cooperative Sunny Hills of Istria that offers the venue and we take care of the food and household during the event.


Grief Composting Circle Training


”SOULand and the Grief Composting Circles are a response to our traumatised, collapsing and transforming world. It is an active prayer to support the accompaniment of what is dying while Making the World of our Longing ~ even if it is to late for our own species…
…it is a graceful gesture of soul, courage and beauty, it is Soul Activism.”
                                                                                                                       – Azul-Valerie Thomé

The Grief Composting Circle basic TRAINING is an intensive weekend taught by Azul-Valerie Thome informed and woven with some of her teachings and teachers :~ Joanna Macy’s ~ Work that Reconnects on the Truth Mandala (to be found in the Spiral)~ Sonbonfu Some’s work on Collective Grief Ritual for the Village and Ancestral work~ Francis Weller’s work on the 5 Gates of Grief~ Azul Thome’s Grief Composting Circles with her invitation to step into darkness and into the transmuting alchemy of Compost. Her interest in Grief being an initiatory practices to mature as a human being and the weaving of a reconnected and sacred container as personal and collective Altars are.



We can host short term meetings, workshops and events for up to 20 people.

Please send us an email if you would like to organize an event with us:

Past international events

  • Overcoming blockages with Lizandra Barbuto, June 2018
  • Dragon dreaming Intensive with John Croft, June 2018
  • Date with yourself, April 2018
  • Mother nature, Erasmus+ partners meeting, January 2018
  • Permaculture Teaching Matters, November 2017
  • Transition Network Train the Trainers, October 2017
  • YES initiative annual meeting, April 2017
  • Days of awareness – silent seating, December 2016
  • Inner transition, November 2016
  • Dragon Dreaming, April 2016
  • GEN National network meeting, January 2016

Past national events

  • Traditional plastering, May 2018
  • Small permaculture school, 2 days workshop, April 2018
  • Shamanic retreat, April 2018
  • Silent retreat, March 2018
  • Meeting of Slovene Permaculture Association, April 2017
  • Meeting of Transtion hub Slovenia, March 2017
  • Permaculture workshop, Octobre 2016
  • Networking event of Slovene sustainable initiatives, April 2016
  • Hero’s jurney, February 2016
  • Ecovillage day, July 2015

“I wanted to thank you again for being such a great host and welcoming us so well at Sunny Hill. For me it was one of the best sites I’ve been to for a course! I hope to come back in the not too distant future.” – Alfred Decker, permaculture teacher

Seminar room